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My Dream Horse - VS Code Red

Updated: Mar 11

This month marked a momentous event for the quarter horse community—the VS dispersal sale, orchestrated by Kristen Gayleon. The spotlight shone on her three stallions:

VS Code Red (My Dream Horse), VS Flat Line, and VS The Fireman. The star of the show, KM Suddenly So Easy, a legendary show mare, graced the event alongside a plethora of yearlings, weanlings, and embryos.

katie van slyke vs code red

Although the sale might appear as a sudden twist, the truth is that the pieces had been set in motion since its announcement six weeks ago. I distinctly recall the moment when I first heard about it. Seated at the dinner table, my family and husband were present as I exclaimed, "They're holding a dispersal sale for all of them!" The shock reverberated through me. These stallions represented more than just names; they were legends, pillars of the industry and lineage.

Upon sharing my astonishment, I began contemplating the feasibility of this endeavor. I delved into research, ran the numbers, and spent countless hours envisioning the potential outcomes. The idea of owning a stallion had long been a cherished aspiration. Though my original plan was to breed a stallion from scratch, the opportunity to take on the legacy of an existing one presented itself.

My ultimate goal remains to breed and raise a stallion from birth, but the allure of inheriting the legacy of an exceptional stallion like the one I acquired last night proved irresistible. In a video I shared earlier, my emotions overflowed as I was overcome with a mixture of shock and joy.

The stallion I purchased is none other than VS Code Red—a name synonymous with excellence in the quarter horse world. This stallion has etched his mark as one of the most renowned and successful of his time. My admiration for him, his progeny, and his lineage knows no bounds. I've closely followed his journey, witnessed his impact, and watched him in awe, along with countless trainers and enthusiasts.

vs code red

Having bred to VS Code Red multiple times, I currently have a three-year-old offspring in training and a mare expecting his foal. My faith in this stallion's potential is unwavering. So, when the bidding ended with me as the victor, I was rendered speechless.

I anticipate numerous questions about this new chapter, and many will be answered in due course. The magnitude of this undertaking is not lost on me—I'm still grappling with the reality. My gratitude, humility, and sense of privilege are immeasurable. My family's unwavering support, my husband's encouragement, and my parents' guidance have been integral to this achievement.

The outpouring of assistance and advice from well-wishers and experienced individuals within the community has been heartening. Admittedly, I'm a newcomer to this sphere and recognize the steep learning curve ahead. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Kristen for entrusting me with this opportunity to manifest my dreams.

As I sit here, the gravity of the situation remains surreal. Tears of happiness have alternated with moments of disbelief. Words fail to capture the magnitude of my feelings. To say that I'm thankful falls short of encapsulating the depth of my emotions.

katie van slyke vs code red

For those curious about the journey ahead, rest assured that I'll address your inquiries in upcoming videos. This adventure is only beginning, and I invite you to join me every step of the way. Yes, it's true—I am now the proud owner of VS Code Red. The surrealism continues, and my heart is brimming with gratitude beyond measure.

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