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Katie Van Slyke Welcomes a New Addition to Running Springs: A Pregnant Mare with Heritage

Updated: Mar 11

By: Davis Northcutt

In the heart of horse breeding excellence, Katie Van Slyke's Running Springs has recently seen the arrival of a new friend, of the equine persuasion. This exciting addition is a pregnant mare named Happy, acquired with the vision of enhancing the esteemed Running Springs horse breeding program. Let's delve into the details of this exciting development and learn more about the exceptional features that make Happy a noteworthy addition to the Running Springs family. You can watch the awesome video introduction of Happy.

Happy and Katie Van Slyke arrive at Running Springs.

The Unveiling of Happy

Katie Van Slyke is so excited to have Happy, a mare that caught her attention from the first glance. The initial picture only hinted at Happy's true beauty, and upon closer inspection, Katie was pleased to find a mare with impeccable feet and a charming demeanor. Happy's appearance exceeded expectations, setting the stage for a promising addition to the Running Springs lineage.

Grooming and Welcoming Happy

In a heartwarming interaction, Katie Van Slyke groomed and cared for Happy, ensuring a smooth transition into her new environment. The video captures the genuine connection between Katie and Happy, as they embark on a journey of mutual understanding. Viewers are invited to witness the tender moments as Katie introduces Happy to her surroundings and fellow equine companions.

Difference in Horse Care at Running Springs

Katie Van Slyke highlights the unique features of the Running Springs facility, including innovative moving walls that allow flexibility in stall configurations. The thoughtful approach to horse care at Running Springs is evident, with a focus on individualized attention, comprehensive training programs, and a legacy of excellence in breeding. Katie has many great pieces of Running Springs Merch on her website. Happy, now part of this distinguished environment, is poised to thrive under the expert care provided by Katie and her team.

Happy's Heritage and Bloodlines

Happy's heritage adds another layer of significance to her presence at Running Springs. Descending from the esteemed bloodline of Zippo's Carl Bar, with her dam, Madame Zip, being 24 years old at the time of Happy's birth, the mare brings forth a legacy of enduring bloodlines. This connection to the past enriches the breeding program at Running Springs, emphasizing the commitment to preserving and passing on exceptional genetics.

Katie Van Slyke's newest addition to Running Springs, Happy.

Strategic Breeding Plans with Happy

Katie Van Slyke unveils her strategic plans for Happy's future at Running Springs. Despite Happy carrying her own foal at the moment, Katie envisions using her as a recipient mare in the coming years. This thoughtful approach aligns with Running Springs' commitment to maximizing the breeding potential during the fertile years of their senior stallion, Cool. The synchronized due dates of Happy and Cool's offspring add an exciting dimension to Running Springs' breeding endeavors.

In welcoming Happy to Running Springs, Katie Van Slyke continues to uphold the standard of excellence in horse breeding. Happy's imminent arrival of a foal and her integration into the Running Springs family mark a new chapter in the legacy of this esteemed facility. As Katie's expertise and passion converge, Running Springs remains a beacon of quality in the world of horse breeding. Stay tuned for more updates on Happy, her foal, and the ongoing success of Running Springs.

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