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Gift Ideas for your favorite Hunter!

Updated: Mar 11

Every year around November, I start receiving messages from people asking what they should get their favorite hunter for Christmas!

Here, I am going to make a list of some great gift ideas

+ I will add any discounts I have if there is one available!

1) EZ KUT Products!

Every hunter needs a hand saw in their hunting backpack, a pole saw in their truck, and an electric sprayer for putting in summer food plots!

Go to to shop and use "KVS15" for 15% off!

Katie Van Slyke pump sprayer

2) A Spypoint Cell Camera!

Every hunter dreams about waking up in the morning to a trail camera photo of a big buck in front of his stand! By gifting them a Spypoint cellular camera, they will receive a free 100 photo/month package that will come directly to an app on their phone! If you or they wish, unlimited photo packages can also be purchased!

Click here to shop:

Katie Van Slyke Trail Camera

3) Zamberlan Hunting Boots!

Every Hunter needs a quality pair of boots to be out in the field!

Zamberlan outdoor boots are of the finest quality, are made in Italy, and are worth EVERY penny! They are the only boots I trust to take out of the box and go straight to hiking!

Click here to shop:

Katie Van Slyke turkey decoy

4) A Morrel Archery Target!

Morrel Targets are consistently the best archery targets on the market! I have used them for years, and my favorite is the Foam High Roller!

Click the link to shop the targets I have linked in my Amazon Storefront!

Katie Van Slyke crossbow

5) Burris Optics!

Every hunter needs a good site/scope and a good set of binoculars!

They have a wide variety of scopes, including the range finding Eliminator series that I have on my rifles!

Click the link to shop:

Katie Van Slyke deer hunting

6) Excalibur Crossbows

I am a big advocate for bow hunting with both compound and crossbows, which ever youre mosy comfortable with! This year, I hunted with the Excalibur Twinstrike and have LOVED it!

Click the link to shop:

Katie Van Slyke deer hunting

7) Hand Warmers!

They make the best stocking stuffers and will save your favorite hunters fingers and toes from freezing!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

8) GOOD SOCKS! Specifically Merino Wool!

Merino Wool socks and under layers are my SAVING GRACE on the super cold hunting trips! Your favorite hunter will thank you!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

9) Primal Treestands!

Primal has some of the best options for any type of treestand you could want! Spacious, comfortable, innovative, and a great price for the high quality!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

Katie Van Slyke bow hunting

10) A Bowtech Compound Bow!

Bowtech is proud to say that they have a "Bowtech For All", meaning that no matter your needs, they carry a bow that will work for you!

I have exclusively shot Bowtech for five years now, they are truly amazing! Smooth Draw, Speed, Light weight, and everything else you need to have the best bow for you!

Click here to shop:

Katie Van Slyke deer hunting

11) Havalon Knives

MY husband refuses to skin a deer with anything but his havalon! If your favorite hunter already has one, you can still fill their stocking with replacement blades!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

12) A Scentlok Bag

These bags are essential for eliminating odor on hunting trips when a washing machine isnt accessible. This duffle bag contains an Ozone generator that when sealed will remove bacteria and odor!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

13) A wireless portable phone charger

Nothing is worse ( well, maybe not nothing) than when your phone dies while you're hunting in the middle of nowhere! This way, your favorite hunter will have a backup!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

14) GrooveLife Rings!

Who wants to risk loosing their sentimental wedding rings while outside? Not me! Thats when you invest in a silicone GL ring that comes with a Lifetime warranty, even if you just lose it!

I even have my own collection of KVS rings and watchbands, half of them being hunting themed! Use 'katievs15' for 15% off when holiday sales are over! Click the linkt to shop:

Katie Van Slyke deer hunting

15) Women Who Hunt" Apparel & Products from the KVS merch store!

Click the link to shop:

Katie Van Slyke dove hunting

16) Easy Hangers for treestand hunters!

These items are simple, but make a hunters life so much easier when they have limited space while sitting in a tree!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

17) Decoys!

Find out what they like to hunt the most. If they say deer, turkey, or dove, then I have some decoys linked for ya! Decoys can make all the difference! They aren't used on every hunt, but every hunter needs to have them on stand-by!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

18) "Pretty Hunter" Jewelry and Apparel!

For the ladies who want an outdoor edge to their look, check out the ammo/outdoor themed pieces that this amazing small business has to offer! You can use "KVS25" for a discount!

Click here to shop:

Katie Van Slyke dove hunting

19) Heated vest!

Sometimes, hunters hunt in extreme cold weather! A heated vest is always a great addition to their base layers to keep warm!

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

20) Scentless Shower Products!

I personally love Southern Racks, because it was formulated by a salon professional so that us ladies could have salon quality shower products that are scentless during hunting season!

They also have a men's 3-in-1;)

Click to shop my "Hunting" list on Amazon:

Katie Van Slyke deer hunting

21) Bollé Safety Glasses!

Any avid outdoorsman needs a quality pair of safety glasses! Bollé has a wide variety for every area of activity, including shooting!

Katie Van Slyke safety glasses

I hope this list helps your shopping endeavors over the next few weeks! Stay tuned for more blog posts!

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